Who is the catch-up session for?
Were you unable to take the VU Amsterdam language proficiency test this past September? Then sign up for the catch-up session – your last opportunity to take the language proficiency test during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Date: Wednesday 20 November 2019
Time: 18.00 - 20.00
Location: DigiTenT

Please note: the catch-up session will not appear on your VU timetable, so mark your calendar.

Not a resit
The catch-up session is not a resit. If you already took the language proficiency test in September 2019, you will not be able take it again.

Dutch or English

During the catch-up session, you can either take the Dutch or the English language proficiency test. Which version you have to take is decided by your programme. Both tests will be held simultaneously, at the DigiTenT exam hall.

Students with dyslexia, disabilities or a chronic illness
Do you have dyslexia, a physical or mental disability, or a chronic illness? Then you can request extra time or a workspace suited to your needs. 

If VU has granted you extra time on your tests, you will automatically get extra time on the language proficiency test as well (30 minutes).
If you need a customized workspace during the VU language proficiency test, please send an email to

You can register for the catch-up session using the form below. Please do so by Wednesday 13 November

If you register later than that, you can still join this session, but there's a chance you'll need our assistance accessing the test. 

Registration form