VU language proficiency test

Are you enrolling in a Bachelor’s programme at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam? First-year students are required to take either the Dutch or English language proficiency test in the second week of the term. The Dutch language proficiency test has been around for years, while the English test is new as of this year. The test you will be required to take will depend on your Bachelor’s programme.

Important: VUnet ID required

You must log in with your VUnet ID and password to take the test. Make sure you have your credentials! Tip: Use this link to change your password into one that is easy to remember. You will also be asked to fill in your student number at the beginning of the test.

Frequently asked questions

It is more difficult to achieve good results if you do not have a good command of the language in which courses are taught. This is why the VU language test is mandatory for all first-year Bachelor’s students.
The test will take place in weeks 37 and 38, between Monday, 10 September and Wednesday, 19 September 2018. Check your programme’s schedule to see when you will take the test.
You will have two hours to complete the test. You are allowed to leave the room should you finish early.

The test consists of multiple-choice and open questions on the following topics:

  • grammar (50 questions)
  • spelling and punctuation (50 questions)
  • structures (20 questions)
  • vocabulary and word choice (50 questions)
  • phraseology (30 questions)

In addition to these topics, the English test also assesses:

  • reading comprehension
  • pronunciation
  • classroom English

Both the Dutch and the English test consist of 200 questions.

You do not need to prepare for the test. The test gauges your language proficiency based on the level that a high school graduate should possess prior to embarking on an academic career. We have prepared some examples of the kinds of questions that you will face on the test.
The test is part of a compulsory course within your programme. Results are divided into three categories: good, sufficient and poor. Students who score in the low category on the language test will not receive credits for the associated course, and they will be required to take a Dutch refresher course. They will only receive credits for the course once they have satisfactorily completed the refresher course and met all other course requirements. Participation in the refresher course is by no means optional.
The test is compulsory for all first-year Bachelor’s students at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. You can only apply for an exemption from the Dutch language proficiency test if you have taken and passed it previously, or if you have completed the Dutch language refresher course in a previous year. If you apply for an exemption by 3 September 2018, you will receive a decision prior to the test week. For more information, see the exemptions page.
You can get extra time or a customized workspace if you have dyslexia, a disability, or a chronic illness. If you have a disability, please inform Taalloket of your situation by filling in the Language test provision request form.

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