Refresher course

If you score in the low category on the VU English language proficiency test, then you will be required to take an English refresher course. The refresher course will help you improve your language skills.

Frequently asked questions

The English refresher course consists of six sessions of two hours each.
You will get your score a couple of weeks after taking the test. If you score in the low category, you will receive an email instructing you to enrol in the refresher course through Canvas. You can choose between a number of start dates and times. You will receive confirmation once you have registered.

The course will cover the following topics and more:

  • spelling
  • correspondence (emails and letters)
  • reference words
  • grammar
  • vocabulary
  • the importance of good spelling and style

The sessions will be devoted to covering the theory and completing assignments, both individually and in groups. You will also have some homework assignments to complete before the sessions.
Please note that the refresher course is not devoted to learning how to write papers or academic texts. These are skills you will work on during your studies.

The theory is discussed in class and you will be asked to complete assignments alone or in groups. There will be one or several assignments to complete outside of class.
You will round off the course by taking a test during the final session. This test covers topics covered during the course. You must attend at least five of the six classes to complete the course. In the sixth and last class, which includes the final test, attendance is mandatory. 

 Independent study

There are a wide variety of options open to you if you want to work on your language proficiency on your own. We have compiled some options for you here. This list is obviously not exhaustive.