VU language proficiency test

Are you enrolling in a Bachelor’s programme at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam? At VU Amsterdam, first-year students are required to take either the Dutch or English language proficiency test in the second week of the first term. The test you will be required to take depends on the language of instruction of your Bachelor’s programme.

Online testing

This year, the VU language proficiency test will be administered online. In other words, all students will take the test at home. At the scheduled time, log into Testvision using your VUnet ID and password and you will see your test.

For some online tests, the university makes use of Proctorio software for online proctoring (remote invigilation). We are using Proctorio to monitor the VU language proficiency test, as well.

Check your Testvision account beforehand

To make sure you can take the language test at home, we ask you to check whether this test is available your Testvision account. Between 6 and 9 September, please: 

  1. Read the online testing instruction document carefully. This document explains that, among other things, you'll need:
    • A computer or laptop
    • A stable LAN or Wi-Fi internet connection of at least 1MBps
    • A webcam
    • A microphone
    • Your student ID card (if you don't have one yet, please use your identification document and cover the citizen service number/BSN with tape or a sticky note).
    • Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (temporarily) set as your default browser 
  2. Log into Testvision with your VUnet ID and associated password. (Tip: use this link to change your password into one that is easy to remember).
  3. Open the Practice Exam and go through the steps to prepare your computer for online proctoring. If the test in unsuccessful, please go to this support page.
  4. Verify that, aside from the Practice Exam, the English language proficiency test or Taaltoets Nederlands is listed in your account. If neither test is available in your account, or if you think the wrong test has been set up for you, please fill out this form

Frequently asked questions

It is more difficult to achieve good results if you do not have a good command of the language in which courses are taught. This is why the VU language test is mandatory for all first-year Bachelor’s students.
The test will take place in week 37, between Monday, 13 September and Friday, 17 September 2021. Check your individual schedule to see when you will take the test. You will be signed up for the test by your faculty and do not need to register for it yourself. 
It takes most students 1,5-2 hours to complete the test. You can leave the test as soon as you finish.

The test consists of multiple-choice and open questions on the following topics:

  • grammar
  • spelling and punctuation
  • structures 
  • vocabulary and word choice 
  • phraseology 

In addition to these topics, the English test also assesses:

  • reading comprehension
  • pronunciation
  • classroom English

Both the Dutch and the English test consist of 200 questions.

You do not need to prepare for the test. The test gauges your language proficiency based on the level that a high school graduate should possess prior to embarking on an academic career. 
The test is part of a compulsory course within your programme. Results are divided into three categories: good, sufficient and poor. Students who score in the low category on the language test (67% and below) will not yet receive credits for the associated course, and they will be required to take a English refresher course. They will only receive credits for the course once they have satisfactorily completed the refresher course and met all other course requirements. Participation in the refresher course is by no means optional.
The test is compulsory for all first-year Bachelor’s students at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. You can only apply for an exemption from the VU language proficiency test if you have taken and passed it previously, or if you have completed the VU refresher course in a previous year. If this is the case, please apply for your exemption at your current faculty (see exemptions page). 
Even if you have already taken a language proficiency test to gain admission to VU Amsterdam, you are still required to take the university’s own test. The English language proficiency test at VU Amsterdam has a different purpose: it is a compulsory part of every Bachelor's degree programme, designed to determine whether you need extra support with your language skills.
If you have dyslexia, a disability, or a chronic illness, you are still required to take the VU language proficiency test. This test has no time limit, meaning you don't have to arrange extra test time if you have a disability. If you need a customized workspace during the VU language proficiency test, please send an email to
With this particular test, it is not a problem if the test does not appear in your schedule. In this case, however, it is extra important to check whether the test is available your Testvision account, as described above.
Generally, you must have your student card at hand to take a test. We make an exception for the language proficiency test, however, because not all students have received their card this early in the academic year. If you do not have a student card, make sure you can show a valid government-issued ID. 
Yes, it is possible to take the test at a different time on the day you are scheduled to take the test. You are scheduled on a particular timeslot because you are free according to your schedule, and to spread the tests out over the week. However, if you are not able to take the test at the designated time, you are also allowed to take the test at a different time. You do have to take the test on the same day you were initially scheduled to take the test. You do not need to notify the test supervisor/Taalloket about the time you will take the test. Please note: do not take the test outside of these timeslots, since there is no technical support and your test may coincide with system maintenance.
13-09-2021 14-09-2021 15-09-2021 16-09-2021 17-09-2021
08:30 08:30 08:30 08:30 08:30
12:15 12:15 12:15 12:15 12:15
15:30 15:30 15:30 15:30 15:30
18:45 18:45   x   x   x

If you experience technical problems during or prior to your exam, please contact Proctorio via the live chat. This can be done in 3 ways:

  • In the lower left corner of your TestVision screen, via the floating widget.
  • The Proctorio extension button at the top right of your browser. If you can't see the extension, click (extensions) and then next to Proctorio click (attach). You will see the Proctorio extension button appear next to the normal extension button. Click on it and you will see the Live Chat button.
  • Via de website Proctorio

Do not hesitate to make use of Proctorio’s live chat service! In case of doubts or problems, please send an email to

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