Academic writing (in Dutch)

As a Dutch native speaker, you may not have considered paying extra attention to your writing skills. But once you get to university, your writing will have to meet higher standards and different requirements than you are used to. What exactly are those criteria and how can you meet them? How do you write an essay or research proposal? How do you ensure your text is properly structured and varied, that it draws the reader in and that your point comes across as clearly as possible? That is what the Academic writing in Dutch course is all about


What will you learn?

  • Which requirements must an academic text meet?
  • What is an academic style of writing?
  • Adding structure
  • How to be concise
  • Variety in writing
  • Critical reading and giving feedback

About the course

The Academic writing in Dutch course consists of six lessons of 1.5 hours each. During the lessons you will learn all about the steps of the writing process, from the preparation phase to dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Each step involves new exercises. In between lessons, you will complete several writing assignments and receive feedback on these from the teacher. Learning to give each other peer feedback is also a very useful skill that you will benefit from during the rest of your studies. You should allow for about 3-4 hours of independent study per week.


This course is suitable for Bachelor students.

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