Are you starting an English language Bachelor’s or Master’s at VU Amsterdam? Many degree programmes require proof of your English language proficiency as an admission requirement. One way to meet this requirement is taking the TOEFL ITP, organized by Taalloket. Other options include the TOEFL iBT, IELTS and Cambridge exam.


At the moment, many of our TOEFL ITP tests will be completed at home, using a special online edition called the TOEFL ITP Digital. Please check the technical requirements and frequently asked questions about the online edition.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, the use of online language tests is not permitted for international students seeking admission for the 2022-2023 academic year (see VU information page).

About the TOEFL ITP

The TOEFL ITP consists of 140 multiple-choice questions which test your listening and reading comprehension and writing skills. This written exam takes two hours. Each section of the exam is scored separately, and all these scores together make up your final score.

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is one of the most widely used English language proficiency tests in the world. The results of this test are recognized universally.

The TOEFL ITP has been developed especially for educational institutions. This is a shorter and less expensive version of the full TOEFL exam. Please note that this is an institution-specific test, meaning results are only valid at VU Amsterdam, and not at other institutions.

Also see the information on other English language proficiency tests.

Before taking part in the TOEFL ITP, take a look at the Test Taker Handbook. This document tells you exactly what to expect on test day, and also contains some practice questions. The test we offer is referred to as a 'level 1' test. 

Taalloket also offers the TOEFL ITP training course, which is specifically designed to prepare test takers for the TOEFL ITP. We organize this course up to eight times per academic year.

Finally, you can find a great deal of information about the TOEFL test on the internet. We have compiled some sites for you here. It will be worth your while to study some sample questions in advance: if you’re aware of the question format in advance, you’ll go into the test feeling more confident and you’ll avoid surprises.

The TOEFL ITP costs €90. While registering, you can pay directly using iDeal or creditcard.

Total scores vary from 311 to 677 points. Most degree programmes require a total score of 580; a few require more, up to 610. Please note that your required score is determined by your individual degree programme, not by Taalloket.

When you take the TOEFL ITP Digital (at home), your total score appears right after the test. While this is called the 'unofficial score report', the score itself is actually accurate. Six working days after the test, the official score reports arrive at Taalcentrum-VU. We'll notify you straight away, and offer you the options of picking it up yourself or having it sent to your home address. Unfortunately, ETS Global does not allow scanning and emailing the reports.

When you take the paper-based TOEFL ITP, you receive an email stating your total score approximately two weeks after the test. A few days later (2.5-3 weeks after the test), you'll receive another email saying you can pick up your score report. 

The score report mentioned above is the official document needed for your application. Please note that Taalloket will not turn in any results to your degree programme’s administrative department – you are expected to take care of that yourself. 

Your TOEFL ITP results remain valid for two years. Taalloket will store TOEFL ITP score reports until two years after the test date. Please note: ITP (‘Institutional Testing Program’) means that the results are only valid at the institution where the test was administered, in this case at VU.

NOTE: Disappointingly, the digital edition of TOEFL ITP is not yet suited to providing extra time. We can provide extra time in one of the on-campus sessions (see Exam dates below). If these don't work for you, please contact

Students with dyslexia, a disability or a chronic illness, are allowed 50% extra time on the reading and writing sections of the test. This means an extra 40 minutes in total. You can also apply for other non-standard test accommodations (e.g. large print version). 

How to apply for extra time

  1. Download the Guide for test takers with disabilities.
  2. Fill out pages 4-8: Request for Nonstandard Testing Accommodations.
  3. What test: none (ignore the fact that TOEFL ITP is not given)
  4. For Dyslexia select other: Dyslexia
  5. Additional time: 50% (100% will not be granted)
  6. Scan the completed Request for Nonstandard Testing Accommodations and scan your doctor's statement.
  7. Send both scanned documents to Write in the subject line of your email: ‘TOEFL ITP [test date] at Taalcentrum-VU’.
  8. You will receive an approval email from ETS Global within one week. Please forward this email to no later than three days before your TOEFL ITP test date.

You can cancel your TOEFL ITP up until one week before the test day. That way, other students may still use your spot. Please cancel by sending an email to

When you cancel your TOEFL ITP on time we charge a € 7,50 administration fee. We can only arrange a refund of € 82,50 when you cancel on time.

Provided there are places left, you may switch to another test day up until one week before the test day you originally signed up for.

This cancellation policy applies to the academic year of 2021-2022. 

Exam dates 2021-2022 (check availability)

  Test date  Day   Time  Last day of registration   Administration

  26 October 2021

  Tuesday   09:30-12:00   12 October 2021   Online

  9 November 2021

  Tuesday   09:30-12:00   26 October 2021   Online

  25 November 2020

  Thursday   09:30-12:00   11 November 2021   Online

 18 January 2022

  Tuesday 09:30-12:00   4 January 2022   Online

27 January 2022

Thursday 19:00-21:30 13 January 2022 Online

 9 February 2022

  Wednesday 09:30-12:00   26 January 2022   Online

22 February 2022

Tuesday 09:30-12:00 8 February 2022 Online

 23 February 2022

  Wednesday 09:30-12:00   9 February 2022   Online

 8 March 2022

  Tuesday 13:30-16:00   22 February 2022   Online

 24 March 2022

  Thursday 09:30-12:00   10 March 2022   Online

6 April 2022

Wednesday 09:30-12:00   23 March 2022 VU Campus

13 April 2022

  Wednesday 09:30-12:00    30 March 2022   Online

21 April 2022

  Thursday 09:30-12:00     7 April 2022   Online

2 May 2022

Monday 09:30-12:00 18 April 2022 Online

17 May 2022

Tuesday  09:30-12:00 3 May 2022 Online

31 May 2022

Tuesday 13:30-16:00 10 May 2022 VU Campus

7 June 202

Tuesday 09:30-12:00 24 May 2022 Online

13 June 2022

Monday 09:30-12:00 30 May 2022 Online

22 June 2022

Wednesday 09:30-12:00 8 June 2022 Online

29 June 2022

Wednesday 09:30-12:00 15 June 2022 Online

30 June 2022

Thursday 09:30-12:00 16 June 2022 VU Campus

6 July 2022

Wednesday  09:30-12:00 22 June 2022 Online

8 July 2022

Friday 09:30-12:00 24 June 2022 Online

11 July 2022

Monday 09:30-12:00 27 June 2022 Online

12 July 2022

Tuesday 09:30-12:00 28 June 2022 Online

13 July 2022


09:30-12:00 29 June 2022 Online

19 July 2022

Tuesday 09:30-12:00 5 July 2022 VU Campus

22 July 2022

Friday  09:30-12:00 8 July 2022  Online

25 July 2022

Monday 09:30-12:00 11 July 2022 Online

27 July 2022

Wednesday 13:30-16:00 13 July 2022 Online

1 August 2022

Monday 09:30-12:00 18 July 2022 VU Campus

3 August 2022

Wednesday 09:30-12:00 20 July 2022 Online

4 August 2022

Thursday 09:30-12:00 21 July 2022 Online

9 August 2022

Tuesday 09:30-12:00 26 July 2022 Online

15 August 2022

Monday 09:30-12:00 1 August 2022 Online

 If the remaining exam dates don't suit you or if there is no more date available, you can check other language proficiency tests that are accepted by VU, like IELTS or the Cambridge Exam.


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